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Take control of your print costs with MPS

According to the analyst firm Gartner, the last great area of uncontrolled costs for most companies is print. Research shows that between one and three percent of a company’s annual revenue is spent on print and imaging-related activities.

An effective MPS program can reduce printing costs by up to 30 percent.

Does your company have uncontrolled print issues?

  • Do you procure devices, services, and consumables from multiple vendors?
  • Does your company print without regard to cost?
  • Do you have a printer to employee ratio of 1:4 or less?
  • Does your company prefer personal, non-networked devices to workgroup printers?
  • Are your energy costs high?

All are typical examples of uncontrolled print issues.

Print less and lower your costs

Finding the right company to help you manage and reduce print costs is important. Print & Sign Centres help customers understand their overall cost of print by performing a print audit, then developing an optimised print infrastructure. We look at print from the perspective of what’s right for each customer, large or small.

Print & Sign Centres has hundreds of locations around the world and relationships with major vendors like HP, Canon, Océ, Xerox, and others. However, we believe efficient MPS is not about selling more hardware or software, but about providing an excellent service. We have the expertise and independence to offer you the right hardware and the best support. No other competitor can say the same.

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